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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.




A community hub full of creativity and inspiration for the whole community, aspiring artisits and professsionals. 

Flying Ring

Circus Training

Shadow Show

Rehearsal Space & Theatre Hire

Inspire Next Generation is a Community Interest Company, sometimes referred to as CIC’s or a Social Enterprise. We provide music, dance and performing arts lessons, circus training, fitness classes and workshops to the community and schools. We are also privileged to provide theatre classes such as set design, costume design, stage make up and lighting and sound. We also provide rehearsal spaces for artists, recording studio as well as hire out our theatre. We promote good physical and mental health.  We run numerous inspiring projects to help the community and individuals believe in themselves, giving them as many opportunities as we possibly can.  We also run projects that benefit individuals, giving them the chance to learn new life skills and to help them build self-confidence and self-belief. We are passionate about our communities, our world, being authentic and spreading positivity. 


Our aims are:

  • Supporting the Performing Arts

  • Providing jobs for professionals in the Performing Arts

  • Developing Music Education

  • Delivering Community Workshops

  • Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

  • Promoting Self-Belief

  • Being passionate about helping and improving people's lifestyles 

  • Being passionate about making positive changes in our world , to benefit ours and future generations  

  • Advocating Pay It Forward

  •  Promoting good mental health

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